What is an emergency vehicle?

A police vehicle, ambulance vehicle, fire-fighting vehicle, a vehicle used by a gas disconnection unit of a public utility or a designated emergency response unit.

Double the Fine?

Drivers convicted of violating section 115(2)(p.2) or 115(2) (t) of the Traffic Safety Act will be subject to double the fine. Demerit points will also be applied to the driver’s record if convicted but will not be doubled.

It's the Law!

Slowing Down and Moving Over is part of the Traffic Safety Act.
Section 115(2)(p.1) and (p.2) and 115(2)(t)

Look Ahead.

Flashing lights from emergency response vehicles will warn motorists of a problem ahead.

Be aware!

Not all double the fine areas will have signs. Motorists will need to be observant and watch if workers are present. Whenever possible road signs will be used to show when speed fines double, as well as the start of the double the fine area.

Not just about workers.

Even if it seems there is no activity in a construction zone, there may be other less obvious hazards such as loose gravel chips and uneven pavement that can be dangerous and cause damage to vehicles traveling at high speeds. Alberta Transportation urges motorists to obey all signs and slow down when going through construction zones.

Fatality statistics for tow truck operators may be non-existent but the evidence of their occurrence is easy to find with a simple search for “tow truck driver killed”. Once you start reading you will see disturbingly common details

A driver has been killed while loading a disabled vehicle onto a flatbed or while hooking up his wrecker in an attempt to clear the highway.

Tow truck drivers, like others cut down in their prime, leave behind distraught spouses and children, all wondering why this had to happen. Please help protect tow truck drivers and all other emergency responders by driving safely.

When you see cones on the road or emergency lights slow down and, if safe to do so, move over!

Avoid Fines!

Speed Demerit Fine Range
1-15 km over 2 $57 – 89, includes surcharge
($114-178) doubled
16-30 km over 3 $103-177, includes surcharge
($206-354) doubled
31-50 km over 4 $187-351, includes surcharge
($374-702) doubled
Over 50 km over 6 Mandatory Court appearance.  Fines are at the discretion of the Court.

Safety is EVERYBODY'S Responsibility!

During 2004 - 2013

  • 326 Tickets Served
  • 239 Workers Hurt
  • 15 Workers Died

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